from liminal spaces

through dance and performance

During the month of  November 2021 we projected 6 site specific dance performances. Each location informed us about ::.LIMINAL spaces in Berlin, spaces that reflected transitional realms both in historical terms as well as contemporary experiences in the context of lock-downs and indistinguishable visions of the present times and what our future holds.





Our lives stranded in a “limbo”, be it an instant or months of uncertainty without becoming, without crossing any threshold drives us through a diversity of emotional and psychological states expressed through each of the dance performances linked to the specific building, space, location, history.

These videomapped and projected bodies would suddenly “appear” in public space and “found” by random passersbys who witnessed the transformations of the confined bodies and the hidden narratives enclosed in the architecture in the streets of Berlin..


Geschichtspark Ehemaliges Zellengefängnis (Former Prison)

Dancer/Performer: Dominique Tegho (LB)

How do we deal with freedom? How do we deal with confinement? Where is the border between the two? Does such border really exist or are they just illusions we make ourselves believe? Do we put ourselves voluntarily or do we take ourselves voluntarily out from those spaces?      Are we -as Sartre stated- condemned to be free?