::.LIMINAL is the product of a multi-talented and creative culturally diverse team.



Gabriel Vallecillo Márquez (Honduras): His work expands across many artistic disciplines. He started as a poet then moved onto video-poetry, video-jockey, 3d projection mapping, live cinema, video installation, VR installation, documentary film and video performance.

Gabriel has published four poetry books and has been included in Latin American anthologies. His artworks  have been featured at Biennials and festivals in Europe and North, Central and South America.





Diego Agulló (Spain)  is an independent researcher and a dilettante artist intervening mainly in the field of contemporary dance and performance investigating the affinity between Body and Event. Having a background in philosophy, his work covers different media such as dance, performance, essay writing, publishing books, video art, laboratories for research, the organization of participatory events as well as the creation of contexts to continue practicing and investigating the relation between the body and the event.




Paz Ponce (Spain)) is an independent curator, writer & researcher involved in transnational mobility programs / cultural exchange / cooperation networks between Asia, Europe and Latin America. Her artistic practice is oriented towards the development of co-creation formats that she calls “dramaturgies of participation”, investigating the collective context in which art is produced and mediated, with a special focus on self-organization, culture of cooperativism and biographical research.




Astrid Rostaing (France/Germany)  Carrying cultural projects forward is the challenge that she thrives on, and from her base in Berlin, she manages their production. While assisting in the conceptualisation and administration of numerous projects, she has also lent expertise in public relations and in communicating the completed vision through various media. She supports the goals of visual artists, performers, choreographers and filmmakers, as well as those of art foundations and artist collectives.




Daniel Serrano Minar (Spain/Germany ) I’m a storyteller. For as long as I can remember. I started professionally in written journalism, but soon discovered the power of images. I believe that each story has a proper way of being told. It doesn’t matter if it’s a documentary, a film or a promotional video. And that’s what I’ve dedicated my whole life to. I trained as a journalist, photographer, screenwriter, cameraman, editor and director to find the best way to transmit an idea to the public.


Rodrigo Vásquez

Script advisor & EDITOR

Rodrigo Vázquez (Argentina)  has been making films for the most important international broadcasters as a free-lance producer, director and cameraman, making investigative and observational documentaries. Rodrigo has extensive experience operating in war zones and conflict areas, particularly in the Middle East. His work on the frontline received the prestigious Rory Peck Award for Features in 2003 and was nominated again in 2007 and 2019. Rodrigo’s observational films have won numerous commendations from the Critics’ Week at the Cannes Film Festival, IDFA and the Royal Television Society, including the Rory Peck Award for Features, the Grand Prizes at Argentina’s Film Festival of Political Cinema, Montreal’s Human Rights Film Festival and Amnesty International’s Film Festival. In 2005 he created Bethnal Films and has produced award-winning feature films and documentaries since.



Ángel Sánchez Borges (México ) Composer, digital artist and journalist, started his career in the early eighties as a pioneer of North México experimental music scene. His projects in the 90’s oscillated from leading noise rock and sampledelia bands to compose theater and contemporary dance music pieces. In 2002 begins to record and perform as Antiguo Autómata Mexicano (AAM) internationally acclaimed for his glitchy minimal techno albums “Microhate” and “Kraut Slut”. Since 2004 he works on music for films, sound installations and videogame pieces as interventions performed on galleries and museums in México, NYC, Paris, Barcelona, Medellín, Tegucigalpa, etc. After a 10 years discography hiatus, his last album as AAM “20+ Piano Improvisations” has been considered by critics as one of the most important comebacks of an independent Mexican music artist.



Making oF

Arturo Alejandro (Honduras) Photographer and documentary film maker and publicist. Bachelor degree studies in Advertising with a specialty in audiovisual production in Honduras and Sao Paulo, Brazil. DAAD fellow Master in Visual and Media Anthropology.

                                                      Diane Barbé

  Sound art

Diane Barbé (France) is an independent sound artist, curator and researcher based in Berlin, Germany. She records, transforms and resonates with sonic materials of all sorts, engaging in collaborations with dancers, dreamers, whistlers, image-makers, performers, writers, and other kinds of creatures. A conference of critters, her debut album of field recordings from the rainforest of Thailand, is coming out in October 2022 on the phonography label forms of minutiae.





                                                                   neue häute e.V.

  project partner

is a Berlin association of artists and curators formed around the development of a new project-space inside Uferstudios: Ana Conda am Ufer (ACaU), in which a Café-Resto-Bar and a LAB are interwoven as places and as practices. Choreographic-artistic and curatorial work are situated and contextualized, a wide variety of participatory spheres are created. The association’s aim is to support independent culture production locally, from alternative models of consumption, to self-organization, care & feminist politics and interdisciplinary collaborations focused on process-based practices and practice-based research.s..