is a dance/performance based art film experience that uses Berlin’s architecture as a second skin to create a visual choreography of the contemporary experience of liminality and the need of becoming in our current historic moment.

The project stems out of a transdisciplinary choreographic research applying architectural videomapping techniques to explore the idea of liminality by establishing a correlative dialogue between individual post-pandemic experiences of confinement and site specific locations in Berlin with a symbolic weight.

::.LIMINAL is conceived as multi-format film, an expanded cinema experience. It is: 

*An artfilm based on videomapped projections of performative bodies trapped in the architecture/history of the city of Berlin. The video projections in public space, which are filmed, serve as the edit contents to create the film.

*Live-cinema: an event where the contents of the film are remixed live and re-composed onto, either a videomapped architecture (building) ,or on a screen as performance with live sound art/music, resulting a different experience every time.

*A dance/performance film, which uses the body in movement as its main expressive vessel. 

*An immersive video installation (work in progress 2023) that narrates and re-conceptualises in fragmented form the contents of the film through experiences of liminality and set-ups in a project space.

An experimental short film

exploring deep within the architecture

the ghosts of the past and present of Berlin

trapped in liminal spaces 

in their efforts to exist.


To watch the experimental short film, please contact us for private screenings and festivals.


By now the city moved from a secondary role to a protagonist one, and in this short-film the city became a choreography on itself. The conceptual framework Gabriel proposed for this part of the project was highly poetic: he wanted to convey the (platonic) idea of “the city on the projected city”, as a resignification, as if it would be trapped in its own palimpsest self. 

Paz Ponce- “Urban dramaturgy notes for ::.LIMINAL

Continue reading the contextual curatorial notes here: Paz Ponce Portfolio

                                                                ::.Making of

Watch the Making Of :::.LIMINAL and learn about the creative process behind it, the contextual and symbolic approach to the locations and the logics behind the projections and choreography. 

Click here to watch Arturo Alejandro`s making of.




the short film, remixed and re-imagined live in front of an audience

::.LIMINAL is an experimental short film, which addresses – from a hybrid language – the contextual and liminal experiences of the city of Berlin, through video projection in architectural space, contemporary dance and videomapping, as tools that embrace the city and the territory as a large canvas; it brings the viewer closer to more sensorial, allegorical and poetic experiences on issues of the environment, space, everyday reality and the self. This cinematographic experience merges the frontiers of conventional cinema with the experimental video essay and the sculptural projection of the moving image in and with the city.


Medardo Cardona Landa 

Artist and professor at the National Autonomous University of Honduras